Matthews Transport are proud of their commitment to a sustainable future.

We have long been aware of our environmental responsibility and looking at ways we can make a difference by reducing our carbon footprint in a very challenging industry. One of our biggest challenges has been to find ways that support sustainable practices without adding cost for our customers.

Back in 1992, Matthews pioneered the double deck concept, where two loads ‘double decker’ in the trailer. At the same time we developed the facility to double temp – whereby the two layers can be transported at different optimum temperatures. This is a perfect example of where there is substantial environmental benefit plus a win/win as the client enjoys a cost saving too.
Double loading is now standard within our industry. Having employed the practice for nearly 3 decades, Matthews have both pioneered and contributed to a long-term, sustainable outcome.

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The use of double decked vehicles
amounts to an approximate annual
saving of 3,312 Tonnes of CO2
across the fleet.

Matthews International Presents:
LNG Solutions for a Brighter Future

In order to move forward as an industry, we need to evaluate the following factors:

  • Viability of current technology
  • Cost of commercial solutions
  • Market willingness to adopt and support operators who invest in emerging Eco Solutions
  • Long-term prospects for investment in necessary infrastructure
  • Price volatility of new eco fuels

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